This page is an experiment in offering physical goods on a GFRF basis (thats right, pay whatever you want / can afford / think is fair for the products on this page).  The product offering is very limited at the moment, but if this is successful I would like to add more in the future.

  • Some products may have special conditions such as paying for postage, limited geographic distribution etc to make it practical to offer them on this basis, so read the description carefully.  All items are while stocks last.
  • At the moment these items use Paypal for processing payments.  How this works is that you click on the BUY NOW button and it takes you through to a Paypal ordering page.  The price box will be blank on this page, so you enter in the amount you would like to pay per item.  You then complete the number you would like to purchase, shipping details etc and pay with a credit card or paypal account as usual.


Acupuncture Massage Rings

These rings are an attractive and effective way to stimulate the energy in your hands.  Rolling the ring up and down your finger gently stimulates all of the points along your finger leaving it felling warm, tingly and energized.  Many people who do a lot of work with their hands find these rings a great way to relieve stiffness and soreness.

These rings make great gifts!


*Special conditions – only available within New Zealand at the moment.  This is to make shipping simpler for me and keep that cost down (only $1).  I may be able to offer these internationally in the future.


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  1. Hello I would love to purchase one of these please but I live in England. I’d be prepared to pay all shipping costs as well as give you more for the ring. Could you make this possible for me please. Thank you Melanie from hearzinspired

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