Focus On The Giving

Lately I’ve been thinking about some of what I do on a Give Freely Receive Freely (GFRF) basis and how I feel about it, and how I feel when I interact with others about it.

Sometimes communicating to someone about GFRF goes really well, it is easy and they get it.  Many other times it is awkward and they are a bit uncomfortable about it and really want me to just tell them a price – which kind of defeats the purpose to some extent.  I have wondered about why it feels so awkward sometimes and I think I have at least a bit of an idea why.

Giving And Receiving Are Both Important But…

I think part of it is to do with communicating that I am giving something to them, with no price attached, but I am also expecting something back from them.  I think the message gets confused somewhere in there.  They then seem to think that how much they give back will be judged and they have anxiety about how much to give etc.

In starting to experiment with GFRF at first I have put quite a bit of emphasis on explaining the exchange relationship, because for many people it is an unusual idea.  But the more I do it, the more I want to focus on just giving and not so much on the other person giving back.

This is interesting because I need to receive.  I am not independently wealthy and need to receive back financially in order for me to be able to continue my work and sustain myself, yet somehow setting the expectation of receiving back doesn’t feel quite right, or at least not as good as I would like it to be.

Giving More Freely

I wonder if I focus more on just giving freely myself, the receiving may take care of itself.  I wonder if naturally as a result of myself giving more freely, others will reciprocate in giving more freely as well, without having to be told or have it explained to them.

This is certainly what I feel like doing, so I am going to give it a try.

What I’m Doing About It

With my clinic work… not much, I’m reasonably happy with how that is going at the moment with GFRF.  Maybe I’ll make some changes in this area later.

The area that I will be changing things right away is with my online qigong courses.  I will be de-emphasising the GFRF aspect of the courses and just giving them away free.  I will still have donate buttons available for people to donate if they choose to, because I need to be open to receiving back and I need to have an avenue open for this to happen via.  There will still be a link to this site for anyone who is interested in the thinking behind why I am doing what I am doing, but I won’t put as much effort into explaining the two way exchange on the pages of the courses, I will just leave it up to individuals to give back if they want to.

It’s Still An Experiment

Of course this whole thing is still an experiment for me.  I expect there is still a lot to learn, and I expect I will tweak and change lots of things and I continue to try living GFRF.  I look forward to seeing what happens with this latest tweak.

17 thoughts on “Focus On The Giving

  1. I am so inspired by your offerings and those responding and am currently looking to embark on instructors’ training for QiGong, as I was scheduled to begin Yoga instructors training, but fractured both feet 7 weeks ago and have not resumed full range of motion. I was looking , ironically, for pricing models for QiGong instructors’ training (which I’d planned to do after yoga training, but feel I need to reverse the order due to my healing process, when I found your site and read about your GFRF concept and experiment. I have long been a believer in the laws of attraction and am abundant in all aspects of my life, but have moved to FL from northern NY where I had but lost in my relocation, a career of significant (on a moderate scale for the locale) income but not in a field I felt was on my purpose), so have been living on savings-whole trying to redirect my career path toward one of wellness orientation. After nearly a year, training cost has become of concern to me as I continue to redirect my career path to one more aligned with my soul path, that serves others as well as increases my personal well-being. I am a compassionate, intelligent, kind person and will happily pay what I can afford now, as well as shall continue to give back and pay forward as opportunity may arise. I so appreciate the opportunity you provide to anyone who may not yet have the means, but who is prepared to share their personal abundance in both directions- giving back, but also forward. The world is truly a better place because of enlightened beings like you and the folks you undoubtedly attract. Also, shortly, i will publish my new website and blog: and would revel in an opportunity to interview you for my blog if you have any interest in this. My feel is that by cross-promoting other wellness practitioners around the globe, we help to educate more folks by doing so, we shall boost each others’ opportunity for abundance, as well. Plus, who doesnt like to promote people who help the world become a safer, happier, healthier, kinder place?! I have children. Thank you kindly. Be well, Kimberly DesChamp

    • Hi Kimberly, thankyou for your comments. Probably best to email me about the instructor training 🙂

  2. John,

    Your generousity does not go unnoticed. I have wanted to participate in a certificaton program for a few years now but have not been able to afford the courses, travel costs, and living costs. Your online program has now given me the opportunity to become a certified Qigong instructor. I had retired 3 yrs early because I was unable to find a job and then had taken a substantial loss in social security benefits.

    I have been teaching at a local fitness facility in which they charge $6 for one lesson per student. I generally have 2-4 students however, mostly I only have 2 students. How much of that $6 do you think I receive? After all, I understand they have to pay for the electricity, the heating, the maintenance,, the padded flooring, and the wall-to-wall mirrors. But I continue to teach because I enjoy helping people, and it helps me too!

    It is the poor who pay more and sometimes the wealthly who will take advanatage of paying less. Your writing above has now made me feel more comfortable with the amount I can afford. Although there is no true certification in the U.S. for tai chi and qigong instructors, anyone can teach without certification, there are places such as, hospitals, senior living facilities, and other businesses that require certification, because they don’t understand it is not needed. These are the places that are willing to pay the price if one is certified.

    I have also been told I should charge more many times over. The last time I heard this, the person said her son told her if I wanted people to take me seriously and respect me as an instructor, and have people realize the value of qigong, then I need to charge more. So, at the beginning of 2016, I raised her price and she ended her lessons after paying the new rate once.

    I, like you and everyone else, also need to be compensated to survive. I just want to be able to continue to afford the basics. I have not been on a vaction in 17 yrs and no longer care to take one, I have a car that is old but runs well and still looks nice, I don’t want nor need a new car to impress others, I don’t need to go to the movies, I make due with re-runs on basic tv. But it would be nice if I had a little extra to share with people like you who give people like me an opportunity to fulfill a dream.

    Thank you for your courage to have faith in GFRF. Because of you I may finally fulfill my dream of acquiring certification. Now, I may approach businesses and be paid my worth and be able to pay it forward. I have given freely of my time to teach children and adults at no charge and although I walked away without payment, I walked away with a smile and the great feeling of the gift of giving.

    This is something I learned from my father who had very little and whom I witnessed pulled over to the side of the road to help a complete stranger. The man was a mill worker like my father. My father gave him the battery from our car so the stranger could get to work. We then walked seven blocks home to get the wagon and walked back to our car to get the dead battery. Then dad walked seven blocks home again to drop me off and continued another five blocks to the gas station with battery in tow to have it charged. He paid 95 cents out of his pocket. In those days that was alot of money. There are still some people out there like my father whom I respected highly. You are one of those people.

    May your kindness return to you 100 fold.


    • Thanks for your comments Cindy, I wish you all the best in your ongoing qigong teaching. Probably a good idea to get in touch with me by email about the certification courses 🙂

      • I will get in touch with you about certification. I did purchase your book titled: Qigong: Foundation Practices, this is an excellent book. I posted a comment in another section of your website stating this is the most informative book on qigong. Well written and easy to understand. Everyone interested in qigong should have this in their personal library. I especially enjoy the fact you have videos on your website for your on-line course that correlate to the text. Well done.


  3. Hello I think your idea is fantastic and I know of others who are working on the same principle. I want to eventually open my own ashram and do healing work and look after rescue animals too. I have been thinking about running all my courses on donation basis. It is a fantastic idea and you are leading the way. I also know that the universal energy responds to what we are saying and thinking and are repeated mantras can really affect our reality. So here is a wonderful affirmation to help you increase your donations so you can have a wonderful life and continue to help others. Every day in every way I give my skills freely and generously and in return I receive generously and I receive abundance in all areas of my life. Thank you. Repeat 30x times a day. Much love from Shropshire England, Melanie

  4. John,
    I enjoyed what you wrote about how it goes with your clinic, and some of the comments that followed resonated with me, too.

    I have two acupuncture practices, one in my own clinic which is private treatments only, and the other which is community clinic and private treatments (which is actually with another practitioner, in her practice). The community clinic is on a sliding scale, with no income verification, and we have found that providing a set range is the most comfortable thing…even though it still makes people uncomfortable.

    Of course, there are patients who are capable of paying full fare every week and not having to make any lifestyle adjustments to do so; this is expected. But one of the most gratifying conversations with someone who “gets it,” was with a woman who is a regular patient. She and her husband both come, though typically on separate days, and each pays the highest amount of the sliding scale. I reminded her one day that she can choose any amount on the scale and she replied, “I know, and we choose to pay the full amount. We can afford to, and this way you can afford to continue to treat those who aren’t as fortunate as we are. They need this just as much, or maybe even more, than we do.”

    It was a wonderful thing to hear!

    I have several questions for you about the logistics of how you are making it work, as well as Qi Gong Instructor Certification. I’d very much appreciate it if you might reach out to me privately when you have a moment.

    Be well!

    • Hi Brenda

      Thanks for your comments. Sorry it took me awhile to respond as I don’t always seem to get notifications about these.


  5. I started an acupuncture practice in a small town with this same approach about 5 years ago. People were SO uncomfortable with this approach. I had blank envelopes for them to put their payment in so at the end of the day I had no idea which patient paid what. This was very comfortable for me, and during our recent recession, my business did well. However, in the last year I finally set a price range of $15-50. I don’t really notice any difference in the amount of money I am making, but people seem a lot more comfortable. I really preferred it the other way, but my patients like it better this way. I’m really glad you are doing this, and hope people can step up and really understand this wonderful concept!

  6. I would like to participate in your certification – up to 1000 hours and test. Unfortunately because of bad carma in my life I can pay very little. I want my website to be about health and fitness but want to write about yoga and Qgong positions.

    I will be conducting some fitness classes using Qigong, yoga, pilates and calling the sessions FusionFitness. Can I go forth and start the certifications, I will pay something but not as much if any now.

    Just now getting my website started.
    thank you for your wonderful videos, information and grand heart!

    • Hi Amanda

      Yes of course, by all means start the certification. The first level is 200 hours and requires four modules and tests at the end. If you have more questions, email me at the contact details on the Long White Cloud Qigong website.


    • Hi guys, I´d like to say something. I am quite interested in the courses and I am a person who doen´t think negatively such as bad carma or any other bad thing in our lives. I like to give you what I have received from Louise Hay – the affirmations. Mary have a look and please go ahead with your dreams, never give up! It will be a great success. John this GFRF is such a great ideia for these kind of business because you also help people who cannot pay it in full and still can have the opportunity to be at the same level with others. Great job! May God bless you in all these courses and opportunities…You have a great soul!

  7. I am excited to be taking your foundation practices on line class. After vising your website numerous times and doing some QiGong exercises I have decided to start week one of your on line class. I like your Give Freely Receive Freely concept for my payment.
    I see this as a true way to have a higher level of energy for everyone.
    In my study of Kabbalah there is a very interesting similar concept dealing with light (spiritual energy) The more you give it away the more that comes to you for you to continue to give away. Knowing that you get benefit and energy while the light travels through you inspires you to give even more away. You are the conduit for the transfer of this energy. Take for example a cup of wine. Once you fill it, it’s full. You can not add more to the cup. Take however a cup with a small hole in the bottom. By holding this cup above a second cup to collect what is dripping out and giving the second cup to others as it fills you can continue to fill your cup up continuously. The more you give away the more you can receive.
    Your classes and treatments are your light that seems to be spreading all over the world. It is finding me here in Israel and has motivated me to make a payment out of satisfaction of current and future benefits.

  8. Hi John, I am one of your followers of your online courses. I am most grateful to have access to such high quality training at the price I can currently afford $0. I have so wanted to offer you the monetary value of that which I receive from your training.
    A friend on facebook referred me to your website when I asked him if he knew of any Qigong training in my area, a rural community in central Ohio in the States. In September 2013 I opened a Montessori preschool, hired 3 wonderful and qualified teachers, and offered it for free. It is my belief that preschool education is much more valuable then the later elementary and secondary but we only require parents to pay for preschool. It is a mindset that we have to change. But we have gotten no new students since opening with 6 students, my grandchildren and those of friends. I think parents are somehow turned off by the notion of a free Montessori program.
    I am very interested in the progress of your GFRF project and will stay tuned. We have written for some grants and I will definitely be reimbursing you soon for all of your great training which I have been taking advantage of.
    I have been doing Qigong (mostly self taught with books and Youtube) for 6 years and have lead classes at our local Senior Center and now I do it with the children and teachers every morning, the teachers took to it the first day. We have opened our morning exercise to interested members of the community also. Your training makes my leadership of the classes much more professional and helpful.
    Although I am temporarily short on funds I am tuned into abundant energy and I send that to you each time I practice with your videos.
    Thank you so much, until you are better paid,
    Ada Rose

    • Hi Ada

      Thankyou for your comments. I only just saw them – must be something going on with my wordpress installation.

      I am glad that you are benefiting from my qigong courses and that is so great that you are also sharing with others.

      Your Montessori preschool sounds great as well. I think there is something in your comment about people being ‘turned off by the notion of a free Montessori program’. Certainly in my experience as well people often seem to have some level of discomfort, distrust and even fear of things which are offered freely. I think this is due to being so conditioned into our current way of doing things – which is largely fear based. For this reason, crazy as it sounds, offering things freely is harder in some ways than simply putting a price on them. I think it is a worthwhile effort though as little by little it opens peoples consciousness to these ideas. I think it will make a better world.


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