New Project – Encouraging Giving

I have a new project – I will be working to improve the earth’s energy in the places people live and work. I am quite excited about it. I have had some amazing experiences in my travels recently which have greatly enhanced my ability to do this type of work, and I thoroughly enjoy it.

Following on from my recent blog post here, I am going to take the opportunity to try out some different ways to encourage suitable giving on the part of the recipients of this service. I now realize how important this is, as if the recipient does not give appropriately (according to their means) to show suitable respect and appreciation for what they have received, in order for the universe to remain in balance they also do not receive the benefit of what they receive. So by not creating conditions where the recipient is inclined to give appropriately, they are actually being denied the benefit…

Figuring out how to do this in different situations is going to take some getting my head around, but I now feel it is very important. Previously I just thought it was unfortunate for me when some people did not reciprocate appropriately, but I now realize it is actually mainly bad for them.

Earth smallWorking with the earth’s energy is actually one of the things that has given me a lot more insight about this.  What I do with the earth’s energy is a truly rare skill. Recently I did some work to substantially improve the energy flow on a property. I did all the preparation and got everything ready to make the energy in this place amazingly vibrant and beneficial to the occupants.  But at the last stage I was stopped from completing it.  Something just would not let me complete the work – because I knew that the occupant was not going to appreciate and respect the work that had been done… I would have liked to finish the work for my own satisfaction, but I was prevented from doing so.

switch-41684_960_720So it is sitting there all ready to go, kind of like a house all wired up for electricity, but with the switch connecting it to the main powerline in the off position. Perhaps if things change in the attitude of the owner of that property in the future the switch will be able to be flipped on.  I hope so.

So anyway, what is this GFRF method I will be using for this project? Essentially I will be framing expectations of how much someone should expect to give in return for what they receive – but in the end it will still be up to them. There will also be a minimum payment required at the start, which is for their good to ensure that they get the benefit of the service, otherwise it is a waste of both their and my time.  This minimum payment, and in fact the comments about the expectations of what is suitable is expressed as a % of the value of the property being worked on. This gets around one of the issues of setting price vs GFRF, as this does not respond to the level of resources someone has, it excluded those without enough resources, and may not encourage those with a lot of resources from giving enough relative to their means. As the amount is expressed as a percentage of the property value, and the person owns the property, by definition it should fit the level of resources that they have.

I’m excited to both be doing this works, and also to try this new twist on GFRF. If you would like to read more about it you can visit the site that I have created for this service:

I highly recommend it as it is something that can make a big difference to your wellbeing.

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